FX Course update

News / 23 May 2022

As I sit here refreshing the browser, waiting for the domain name to propagate, I have finally finished moving the FX course to individual ArtStation pages. If you're a previous member of my FX course and would like early access to your content as it now exists here on ArtStation, please send me a DM on Discord requesting links and passwords for the months you've paid. Hopefully you can identify any issues so far and I can add them to my to-do list.

This access to individual lessons is a temporary early access measure. Very soon, course access will be more painless. Existing members and new customers will receive complete downloadable Levels (formerly called Months). But for now in this early testing phase, there's a password for each lesson page. It's a bit tedious but at least you can visit your lessons, watch the videos, etc.