BWDS 1: Fatsack

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Jun 292016

Almost since the first spark of Brackenwood lit up the inside of my head, I’ve had the idea of introducing creatures in the style of a wildlife documentary, so “Fatsack” is the first in the Brackenwood Wildlife Documentary Series.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier because the format makes so much sense, mainly because they’re very short; I’m aiming to keep them each under 2 minutes. This makes it easier for me to start and finish each episode but for all the work in between, I’ve found that live streaming the entire process is very motivating for me. I seem to be at my most productive when demonstrating my animation and answering questions. Short episodes also mean more frequent releases which naturally populates Brackenwood with depth and life.


The music for this series is by Lee Darkin-Miller. Fun fact: The BWDS theme was actually created for the Dashkin game world map! As you probably know, the game was cancelled and I always thought it sad that this beautiful work might never be heard. So being world map music, perfectly suiting the feeling of a world overview, I thought it highly appropriate to use it as the theme for this series. Check out his Soundcloud which also hosts some of his other Brackenwood works.

The narrator is A.K. Alfadel who was introduced to me during one of the Fatsack live streams. I think he did an excellent job! Here’s his Soundcloud link.

Don’t forget to follow my Twitch channel if you’re interested in watching future Brackenwood animation live streams.


Patron rewards

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Apr 092016
Patron rewards

The Brackenwood Patreon continues to grow and real progress is being made on the Last of the Dashkin sequel. Here are two of the physical rewards I’ve been working on for the Brackenwood patrons. The video below is a short time lapse of the card ink process. I’m using metal Hunt nibs and black Parker Quink.

Dashkin dies in the end

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Jun 232015
Dashkin dies in the end

2009 In December 2009, I released The Last of the Dashkin and promised fans that it wouldn’t be another 3 years before the next Brackenwood story. 2010 In November 2010, I messaged Sean McGee to ask if he was interested in working with me on a Brackenwood game. My plan was that the game would be the next ►►

Amateur to Expert

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Dec 152014

I recently received an email from a young fella who said he was feeling out of sorts for a direction in life and he asked me about how I got to where I am today. In fact over the years in emails, conversations and interviews, I’ve answered this many times in different ways so I thought ►►

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